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Eyebrow Specialist | Elsternwick, VIC

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  • Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo (1st time) / Microblading




    Feather touch (microblading), Ombré & Combination Brows. Consultation and first design session 2.5-3 hours Perfecting session 5-8 weeks post first design session Brow mapping & design Bespoke Pigment colour blend and skin matching Aftercare take hom

  • Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo Touch Up




    *6 months or less. Existing clients of my tattoo work only for brow tattoo colour and design refresh

  • Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo Touch Up




    For my existing brow tattoo clients. 6-12 months design maintenance

  • Henna Brows




    Replenish your natural hairs and wake up with make up for 4-6 weeks with Henna Brows.This is a great service for those who love having their brows made up but aren't ready for semi permanent brow tattooing.Have your brows mapped and measured, balance

  • Henna Brows




    For existing brow clients who have henna instead of tint for their monthly maintenance

About Me

With over 15 years experience and advanced certifications in the Beauty Industry, Joni B evolved quickly and naturally to be known as one of the best in the Brow Business in Australia. With her innate ability to read facial alignment and bring brows back to their ultimate balance, fullness and shape Joni B developed the EMBROWERMENT Method that can be applied to any level of Brow needs. Using a combination of traditional and advanced methods this advanced approach to Brow design empowers everyone with the opportunity to achieve their ultimate Brow potential. As your Advanced Brow Design Specialist, Joni B will consult and tailor a Brow design plan that suits your individual Brow requirements so that you always wear your best Brows.

My Favourite Products to Use on Clients

Micro-feathering and combination Eyebrows