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2019 Creative Halloween Makeup That Stands Out!

Every year when Halloween rolls around I never ever seem to get an outfit or makeup look together. If you’re like me and think that you “work better” last minute then this blog is for you. No more scrambling through your closet at the last moment and ending up as a “cat” (no shame if you want to be a cat). Instead, here are some Halloween makeup ideas you can do to take it up a notch!

1. Pennywise Inspired Look

Clown makeup
Makeup Artist: Dior Munro

Pennywise from the movie IT is an absolutely terrifying character. If you’re really getting into the true spirit of Halloween, then this look is the right way to do it. Not only are you going to seriously freak people out, turns out this is look is easy to create with your existing makeup tools.

Cool tip: Use light foundation, dark red lipstick and black or blue eye shadow. This will be the simplest way to create this look.

2. Mermaid 2.0

Mermaid makeup
Makeup Artist: Hannah Trenaman

No, we’re not going for the Little mermaid look. We’re going for the unfiltered definition of Mermaid. If you didn’t know, according to Greek Mythology, mermaids would lure men with there beautiful voices before plunging them to their death. Pirates on ships would avoid this by using wax in there ears to block out the sirens from being lured into there death. If this story is making getting you inspired to do this look, you may want to experiment with metallic green and blue colours.

Cool tip: Consider using blue eye contacts to create a more believable look.

3. Galactic Milky Way

Galaxy makeup
Makeup Artist: Tamara Hitzler

This holiday is also a great way to explore your creativity. You don’t have to follow the traditional themes of Halloween if you don’t want too. What a better way to do this than have the entire universe on your face! The best part of this Galactic look is that you get to experiment with heaps of new techniques. Such as using body paint, a ton of glitter and maybe even getting your friends and family involved.

Cool tip: Mix the body paint together with colours like purple, black, white or blue to create a more seamless and realistic effect.

4. Extraterrestrial Creatures

Alien makeup
Makeup Artist: Laura Dihr

I love this look, I think using glow in the dark body paint is a a great way to stand out for your night-time Halloween parties. If you want to make alien ear, take a look into using plaster to create this. If you’re on time constraint pop by to a local Daiso store and grab your pre-made elf ears.

Cool tip: Consider using liquid highlighter on your body to create a more extraterrestrial effect!

5. Illusion makeup

Broken doll makeup
Makeup Artist: Chantel Mackerness

The illusion styled makeup for Halloween is a growing trend. In order to complete this look you’re going to need a variety of makeup tools, such as eye shadow and makeup brushes to create the 3D effect. The best way to do this is to watch Youtube tutorials, if you want to achieve a similar look, we recommend this video by Promise Phan.

Cool tip: If you a want more advanced illusion makeup ideas then have a peek at Mimi Choi’s work!

Do you love to unleash your makeup creativity during Halloween? Why don’t you showcase your talent here on Find Book Beauty!

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