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5 Easy Graduation Makeup Looks

Another semester down and we are finally in graduation season – one of the most important days of our lives. All those long hours and messy bun days are over and it’s time to look our best to compliment the achievements we have done for ourselves!

If you are anything like me and not prepared for your graduation makeup. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are our top 5 graduation makeup looks you can rock and if you can’t replicate these look, simply find a makeup artist near you!

1. The Soft Glam

Soft glam graduation makeup look
Makeup artist: Babi Campos

This is a classic look, you can never go wrong with a soft glam. It will match with any outfit you wear and would really suit if you are more of a natural gal. This would be my go-to look if you don’t have an outfit yet or don’t know what to tell your makeup artist what style you want to go with. 

The look: shimmery eyes, winged eyeliner, peachy cheeks topped with highlighter to ensure maximum glow without looking like Christmas lights.

2. The Bold Lips

Bold lips graduation makeup look
Makeup artist: Nhi Pham

If you are going for the professional look, a bold makeup would not only make you stand out but gives off a more mature look, ready to take on the big world . Wearing this style with your graduation gown will definitely wow your family members, and make them wonder how quickly you have grown into a woman.

The look: neutral tone eyes, dark eyelashes and a vibrant lip colour – a great balance without looking overdone.

3. Colourful Eyeshadow

Colourful eyeshadow graduation makeup look
Makeup artist: Anna Tymofiyeva

This makeup is more daring yet really fun to wear! When executed right it will really make you stand out, making it one unforgettable day. For this style I would recommended letting your makeup artist know the colour of your outfit so that they can work out the perfect colour palette that works for you.

I think a pop of eyeshadow is the best way to show off your new-found confidence to celebrate your achievements.

The look: introduce an accent colour on the bottom or top of your eyes and pair it with a natural lip.

4. Smokey Eye

Smokey eye graduation makeup look
Makeup artist: Rachael Isaac

The smokey eye look may be a bit too much if you are graduating in summer. A winter graduation might work better with this darker look. I’d say this look would go well with a nude or white dress and will make you look like a super sophisticated woman.

Don’t forget to shape your eyebrows for a clean look!

The look: dark eyeshadow, strong brows and defined cheeks – a strong way to step into the working world!

5. No Makeup Look

No makeup look
Makeup artist: Janet Nguyen

We all know that the “no makeup look” is probably the hardest to achieve, but when done right it really enhances your natural features. Like the soft glam, this look can be paired with any outfit so you can book your makeup artist well in advanced. If you want to know how to do this yourself check out this blog here.

The look: feathered eyebrows, pink gloss and prominent lashes to give off the “I woke up like this” vibes.

Which look are you going to go for?

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