On your wedding day all eyes will be on YOU, the bride. You have envisioned this day since you were a little girl and now it’s time to make your vision a reality. By now you have probably found your dream dress and venue. Now, comes the daunting (not anymore) decision of choosing the perfect Sydney makeup artist for your wedding. They’re not only there to make you look beautiful but they spend this special moment with you!

Use these 9 tips to help you choose the best bridal makeup artist in Sydney so you can slay on your wedding day just as much as Priyanka Chopra did. Am I right ladies?!


With the right hashtag, you can find pretty much anything your heart desires. YES it can be hard to navigate through the sea of make-up artists to find the perfect one BUT this is where hashtags are going to work a miracle for you. Go through a variety of bridal looks to get an idea of what’s trendy these days. For example use hashtags such as #sydneymua, #weddinghairandmakeup, #sydneybridalmua, #sydneybridal.

Now pick your top favourite makeup artists and narrow down your list. If you are planning on hiring a makeup artist you just found on Instagram, you must do it carefully and with caution. Without in-depth information and comparison, you may fall in love with work that’s actually a filtered work of an excellent software.

So beware. You will need to ensure whether or not the makeup artist is as good as their Instagram claims. Well how do you do that? By comparing Insta photos with pictures on FindBookBeauty.com! 


Want to be those shy vintage brides or show-off the modern, sleek look? This is the very first thing you need to decide on before getting in touch with a makeup artist in Sydney. If you are into makeup, then you may already have your heart set on a particular look that you want. If not, then this is the time to discuss with the artist about what will look best with your theme, dress, as well as features!

Of course, you don’t have to know the details to the exact tee, but a general idea will help your MUA to come up with suggestions that best suit your theme, wedding gown, and your overall look. But how can you do that? Social media is your best friend, even more so than your actual BFF! Start by saving the pictures of the looks you love. Not only can you use these pictures to judge against the ones on FBB for a real comparison, but you can also use this as a reference and inspiration for your MUA to tell them exactly the kind of look you want to carry out on your wedding day. 


FBB also helps you compare pictures and check out the real photos instead of the filtered ones that you find on an mua’s Instagram page. On FindBookBeauty we share the authentic work of the best Sydney MUA’s to help you make a better decision. In the picture below, you can clearly see the flawless work of the makeup artist. The seamless blending of colors, the perfect winged liner, and the exact placement of the faux eyelashes cannot be ignored – not to forget the perfect base! 

makeup artist Sydney

We can’t emphasize more on the importance of comparing the pictures to differentiate between good and bad work. Always compare the unedited versions of the picture. The bad makeup speaks for itself. In the pictures below, not only can you evidently see a disaster with eyelashes, but the cracks in the foundation around the mouth, bad contour, and the wrong eye shadow colour cannot be ignored. Zoom in to check these little things before you make up your mind. 

mua sydney


One of the simplest ways to choose the best Sydney makeup artist for your wedding is to check out our reviews at FBB and get in-depth information about the authenticity of an artist’s work. Not only will you be able to zoom in pictures to check out the contouring and the fine art of a winged eyeliner, you will also be able to find out all the credentials of the artist. This is going to reveal the true expertise of the makeup artist for you. No matter how much you love a mua’s work, don’t forget to count in their experience in the field. It can make all the difference in the world. With FBB, you can instantly find out the years of experience (pictured below). Additionally, you will also be able to find out other important information such as their mobility and favourite products to use.

best bridal makeup artist Sydney


This is absolutely the most important thing to do before hiring anyone. It is your wedding day girl, you can’t take risks! Be very blunt when asking for referrals and testimonials. Since you have already checked out their Instagram and FBB, you will be able to easily find out references and testimonials. 

It would be safer to opt for an artist who has already been tried and tested by someone in your acquaintance list. So ask around, your friends, family, and office colleagues are bound to give recommendations that will come in handy at this point. Meet all the MUAs to see which one is the right match!


No matter how good the makeup artist is, if you are unable to communicate with them, then the search is wasted. You won’t be able to tell them what you think, and they won’t be able to explain what they are trying to do. Hence, you may end up looking like the exact opposite of what you had in mind for your dream wedding. No! We have no time for a disaster. 

However, in case you don’t have time to message every mua in Sydney and get prices? No one does! That’s why Find Book Beauty is a great platform which consolidates all info, you can get all the mua details in one click!


Budget is important, but we highly recommend that you look at it last once you are happy with your choice. You can accommodate a few budget changes if you are satisfied with the Sydney makeup artist you have chosen. 

Don’t let your wedding budget spiral out of control. The good news is that there are many affordable hair and makeup artists in Sydney that are extremely talented. If the difference is of $50-$100, we’d recommend that you opt for the one you like more because, at the end of the day, your priority is to look your best so that you can revisit the day with a smile and show off the grand photos to everyone with confidence.

The artists on Findbookbeauty.com clearly list their prices helping you distinguish between the best Sydney makeup artist seamlessly. Not good at math? Find Book Beauty will also add up all the costs of services for you. Easy as cake!


Almost every makeup artist in Sydney is willing to give a trial. It’s the perfect time to connect with the artist and plan your look in advance! Save yourself the stress. Just ask them outright if they would be willing to show you a look that you might have in mind. After all, paying a few dollars for a trial look is better than ending up with a makeup disaster at the last moment! 

Also keep in mind that you can’t book the artist the minute your trial is complete. Give it a few hours, take lots of pictures in bright natural lighting, check out the result, and then decide if they are worth your precious money and time.


When is the best time to hire a makeup artist? Start looking for one at least 6-8 months before your wedding day. This will give you ample time to meet lots of Sydney MUA’s and book one that captures your absolute interest. Keep in mind that these artists may have bookings in advance, (because after all they are the best), so you may not be able to reign them in if you try to book at the very last minute. Talk to them on the phone and ask for their availability before going to visit them as this will save you time and effort. Alternatively, if you are phone shy and the artist you chose happens to be listed of Find Book Beauty you can just view their availability on their calendar right on findbookbeauty.com. 

Also, have a substitute MUA as plan B just in case the MUA you love is unavailable on your wedding date at short notice. You can find all the information about different makeup artists on FBB. 

Enjoy the process, be open to suggestions, and let the makeup artist do their job. Be vocal if you don’t like something. They will be more than happy to change the look to the way you prefer. We wish you a stress free wedding and happy searching! After all, a happy bride is a beautiful bride. We hope you take these 9 tips on board and good luck with your best bridal makeup artist hunt in Sydney!

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