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Find Book Beauty: An Online Marketplace for Beauty Professionals


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Introducing our brand new platform :

Find Book Beauty. For months our team have been working our butts off to create the most AMAZING platform to help connect Australia’s beauty professionals to beauty seekers! We are here to give you the full run down on Find Book Beauty.

Why was Find Book Beauty created?

To help connect talented Beauty Professionals to Beauty Seekers! WE KNOW the frustrating feeling of trying to GET FOUND, BOOKED & PAID! It’s not easy as it sounds. We created Find Book Beauty to make getting bookings more easier for beauty professionals! FEAR NOT, we have got you.

How does it work?

We connect you to customers who are searching for their next beauty appointment. Being found by clients is EASY with us.


Simply build and design your own profile on our website to allow clients to preview your work and become informed of the services you offer. The quantity and quality of photos provided will impact your ranking. Gorgeous photos go hand in hand with excellent client and customer reviews


Once you have built your stunning profile, you are able to let your clients know your calendar availability, the prices you charge and the area you service. It is an easy process for the client to book you that takes just minutes.


Once your client has booked, you will receive automated appointment reminders. Getting paid is EASY with a automated online payment gateway built in! STAY TUNED FOR OUR UPCOMING BLOGS which go into further details about all the amazing features of Find Book Beauty! There are SO many!

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