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Everyday Spring Races Hairstyles

It’s spring racing season and we’ve got a few race day hairstyles up our sleeves that you can rock everyday. If these styles are good enough for the press, it’s enough to dominate the day.

Tie it in a bow

No doubt fascinators and hats are the main course of any race day but how do we take it to the streets? How about this hair ribbon? Melanie finishes these curls by tying it neatly with a bow.. made out of her hair!

We tried to recreate this look and we were surprised at how simple the steps were! We may not have completely nailed the look but it was definitely fun and we’ll try it again. Maybe we’ll do a tutorial once we succeed?

Hair stylist: Melanie Thurner

The high ponytail

The classic. The favourite. The one and only, high ponytail. The key to the up do is the volume on the crown and in the tail.

A great hack to get some oomph in the ponytail is to curl, spray and separating it gently with your fingers. The curls will create those curves giving the illusion of thicker hair.

Hair stylist: Amanda Andreadis

Braided headband

Following the trend of the hair ribbon, the braided headband is a great way to replace the big hair accessories. You can pair with a low side bun, hair down or even create a double headband – the world is your oyster.

We love how the braided headband frames the face without being too structured. Great for the office and straight into the gym!

Hair stylist: Jessica Yorke

Vintage Waves

This look is more on the glam side (and we would be awe if we saw you on the street with this) but the day after is what we’re talking about!

Once the waves drop a little the next day, it’s a sophisticated beach wave look! Glam over the weekend, healthy beach waves the next. What’s not to love?

Hair stylist: Ashley Carlson

Lush locks

Oh my. This luscious mane is a the combination of sleek, wow and damn girl! Putting in some hair extensions can go a long way. Not only does it add length and volume, by mixing in different tones it creates dimension to the overall locks, which gives off a healthy gloss.

Hair stylist: Sophia Bullard Weeks

Which one of these races hairstyles would you take from the trackside to the street side?

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