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Help & FAQs

We connect you to customers who are searching for their next beauty appointment. Being found by clients is EASY with us. 

Simply build and design your own profile on our website to allow clients to find you. Once you have built your stunning profile, you are able to let your clients know your prices and calendar availability, so customers can book you

Clients will book through Find Book Beauty. You will receive an EMAIL to accept or decline booking! It is as EASY as that!

Listing fees are either a flat fee of $20 per month or a 15% booking fee per booking. The choice is YOURS.

We will release the funds to you within 48 hours of completing the service after deducting credit card fee (2.5%) and our service fee (15%). Please note the service fee will not be deducted for paid membership accounts. Get that money honey!

FREE or a $20 per month listing fee. If you choose the free option we will charge a 15% service on each booking referred by us. If you select the $20 per month option you will pay 0% service fee on each booking referred by us. Simple and easy.

We will release funds to you within 48 hours after completing the service.

Post great pictures and tag us!

To improve your rank on our professional rankings page simply post and provide lots of amazing images of your work and services! The quantity and quality of photos provided will impact your ranking.

Gorgeous photos go hand in hand with excellent client and customer reviews which in turn leads to an improved ranking! Check out our blog for the latest tips and tricks to getting incredible photos and more bookings!

If you continuously decline booking requests and do not keep your calendar up to date, we may ban your profile. This is to help ensure your customers receive the best booking experience.

Yes, simply insert the flat fee value in < 3km field. For > 3km field enter $0

Through Find Book Beauty we connect you to independent beauty professionals. Simply search for a beauty service within a location and we will show you the best beauty professionals near you!

Once you have found the beauty professional who is the right fit for you, simply add the beauty services you wish to book at a time and day which suits. Pay and boom you’re booked!

You will need to provide credit card details to book a appointment with beauty professionals.

We ask for your credit card details at the time of bookingAfter your appointment is confirmed, your credit card is charged. We have worked to ensure this process is safe and secure for you. 

Payment will be released to your beauty professional after the beauty service has been completed. We understand that our lives are stressful enough, so we have made sure this is the opposite, easy, effortless and enjoyable.

Some professionals have a Cancelation Fee Policy. If you cancel the professional may charge you a fee depending on their cancellation policy. Please check the artist’s Cancellation Policy before booking a service.

Yes but you will need to request the beauty professional to accept the changes via our ‘request change’ process. The beauty professional has the right to decline the change request.

Simply go into the beauty professional business web-page, add the extra services and pay online using Find Book Beauty on the spot. Alternatively you can also pay the professional directly for the difference. If you pay directly to the beauty professional just remember Find Book Beauty cannot assist with any service issue as we have no record of the transaction.

For some beauty services, it is difficult to estimate costs without seeing you in person. That’s why we have added the feature ‘starting from’ prices. When you book a ‘starting from’ service you should note your beauty professional may ask got additional money at time of service. Tip: Before the service begins always ask will I be needing to pay any additional moneys. If additional money is requested you can always use Find Book Beauty to pay additional amounts using the same method as booking online.