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How to Achieve the PERFECT Instagram ANGLE like Phoebe Limanta

Capturing the right angle can make all the difference!

A wide variety of different factors come into play when taking that perfect beauty photo for Instagram HOWEVER one which we believe can make ALL the difference is capturing from the right angle. Snapping a gorgeous makeup look from the most flattering angle can increase the exposure and positive feedback the image receives. A poorly angled and positioned photo can ruin the potential of the image and simply not do the makeup look justice!

To understand what exactly makes the PERFECT angle and how to achieve it, we’ve spoken to one of our talented Hair and Makeup professionals, Phoebe Limanta. She also shares with us her tips and tricks for that non editorial feel she presents on her Instagram which clients love!



Phoebe is a Perth based Makeup Artist with over 9 years of experience. She specialises in bridal and event makeup and will make sure that you look and feel beautiful for whatever special occasion you have! With over 1,100 Instagram followers and 490 posts, it is safe to say that Phoebe is an Instagram angle guru!


Phoebe Limanta perfect Instagram angle.

What particular ANGLES do you recommend taking photos from?

My favourite is slightly off centre, either to the left or to the right. I very rarely take photos from the front because I feel like it’s just less flattering. Models I do take from the front because I think they know how to work the camera better (it is their job I suppose!) but for most people, they do have a side that they favour and I’ll take it from that side. I do take a few photos from each side so I have more of a variety to choose from.

Taylor Swift angle GIF.

What do you believe is the SECRET to achieving the perfect photo?

The secret I believe to taking good quality photos for everyone is LIGHTING, LIGHTING, LIGHTING! I love natural lighting so I try to set up and angle as close to the window as possible and also take my photos there. A lot of artists do use ring lights and although this can create great photos as well, I think that you can’t ever beat natural daylight. It’s also really important to make sure your client is comfortable with getting their photos taken/feels natural around a camera, I don’t take photos of every client because of this reason.


Do you need a specific SET UP to achieve the perfect photo?

I don’t use any special cameras, just my trusty iPhone+! I think they take better photos than the Samsung to be quite honest, to me, the iPhones have a better white balance.


Do you use any specific type of SETTING on your iPhone or camera?

Nope! Just the good ol normal camera and if you have great lighting, it will always take great photos! I know some artists who do take on portrait mode and it does produce some fantastic photos but it’s just not my aesthetic.

Are there any APPS OR FILTERS you use for editing pictures?

I try not to edit any of my photos at all because I feel like it’s taking away from the artistry aspect and it’s not a true representation of my work.

Do you have any other TIPS for Instagram?

Consistency is key! Even I’m terrible at this but I do find that if I post consistent, great quality pictures, my followers just keep growing. You have to make sure to post good quality content, don’t just post on Instagram for the sake of posting.

Thank you so much to Phoebe Limanta for taking the time out for an interview! Share, like and comment if you enjoyed this blog! * * *

Phoebe’s Instagram Here!

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