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Makeup Artists Learn How You Should Take Photos of Eyeshaddow


Melanie Lagos reveals her tips and tricks for taking photos of eyeshadow.

Photographing your makeup is not an easy task.

You have to think about equipment, lighting, angles, and then on top of that editing to bring out the colours and details in your artwork. It’s extremely important for Makeup Artists to get the right shot and sometimes great makeup is ruined by bad photography. Your feed is your virtual business card and has the potential to attract new clients if done well. So we sat down with our Makeup Artist Melanie Lagos who takes stunning colourful photos so you can learn to properly capture your makeup for Instagram.





Camera and Lighting for taking photos of eyeshadow.


What camera do you use?

I use a professional Sony A5100 and my iPhone 6 Plus.

What kind of lighting do you use?

I like to use mainly natural lighting, preferably sunset lighting in the afternoon. I also like to take photos when it’s cloudy outside, so when it’s not overly sunny or overly dark.

Do you use a ring light?

I have a ring light, but I don’t use it as often because I prefer natural lighting. I just feel like it looks a lot better. I’ll only use my ring light if I’m doing a video or if it’s really dark outside. I also have those small clipper ones that go on your phone, which are really good for client photos when I’m taking it on my phone when I’m indoors.

Flash or no flash?

No flash. I will pretty much never use flash on my phone or my camera.




Do you have certain angles in which you take makeup photos?

Yes! I don’t usually like to take photos straight on, but from whatever side is your best angle. My best side is on the right, so I like to take photos from the right side and from an upwards angle. For clients I also like to take photos slightly from the side.

How do you take the best photo of eyeshadow?

Generally I use my iPhone and take photos from a slightly upwards angle and from the side. I like to take photos of my clients looking down and another of them looking straight ahead.







Editing Photos of Eyeshadow

How do you increase the clarity of your photos?

I will use an app called ‘VSCO’ and there’s a tool on it that lets you enhance colours and you can also sharpen the photo as well, which will help bring out little details in your images.

How do you edit your photos?

Sometimes I’ll use FaceTune to edit out bad skin. The detail tool on that is really good if you want extra fine detail.

Do you use any filters?

I used to, but recently for a while I haven’t been. All I do is add a little bit of saturation and a bit of colour. Sometimes I take the temperature down to make the photo look more cool toned. I will put the exposure down a little bit, so it will darken the photo to enhance shadows.


Thank you so much to Melanie Lagos for taking the time out for an interview!
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