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How To Standout on Find Book Beauty

Our new platform Find Book Beauty has so many COOL features ! One of the best features to get yourself across is the CROP functionality! We have noticed many beauty professionals are uploading images without cropping, which has left their profile looking NOT so great! If you want to learn how to create a webpage which stands out from everyone else, read on!

When you first upload your pictures, you will notice some images are cut off and not dispaying the way you may want! To fix this issue you will need to use the CROP AFTER publishing your profile! Here is the lowdown on CROP function which will help you showcase your work like a Pro:


After setting up your profile, you should have a column to the left side that gives you many options to edit! Click ‘Media Gallery’.


Choose ANY IMAGE you want to post from your phone or desktop, this step is SUPER EASY and EFFORTLESS! Once it has been uploaded click the yellow pencil icon!


And just like that! You’re now crop and edit your image to fit to media gallery size! Zoom IN and OUT, and crop whatever you like!

Ladies, what are you waiting for?

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