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How to Take Amazing Pictures without EDITING like Samantha Hilton

Achieve incredible raw Instagram images!  

With over 800 million users on Instagram it can be difficult to differentiate your brand and make your feed stand out from the crowd. Your feed has the potential to attract new clients if done well. We spoke with one of our gorgeous beauty professionals Samantha Hilton to find out her tips for taking quality shots with NO editing what so ever as well as creating a visually appealing Instagram feed!


Samantha Hilton from Warnbro, WA,  is an amazingly talented hairstylist with over 7 years of hair colouring and styling experience!  She has worked in some of Perth’s top hair salons and provides a luxury professional service leaving clients feeling beautiful when they leave. Samantha specialises in blondes and everything colour! In viewing her 263 incredible Instagram pics it’s obvious Sam is a master of client photography!

Samantha Hilton's amazing photos with no editing.

What is your SECRET to taking such good QUALITY pictures of your clients?


To be completely honest, I have no secrets with how I take my pictures. I always make sure the camera is focused on my client and as long as she is happy to let me take heaps of pictures from all angles there will always be at least one I’m happy with.

Do you recommend any camera or lighting set up for photographing your clients? 


I personally just use my phone which is a Samsung Note 8 as my skills with a proper camera aren’t the best. I have always believed in taking my pictures in natural lighting outside before my client leaves, until I was doing a lot of clients after hours from about 4pm til late. This then meant that there was no natural light to take pictures and the lighting inside never ruined the hair photos. So I invested in a ring light from exclusive trading group, and safe to say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Ring light for gorgeous pictures. No editing on photos.

Are there any apps or filters you use for editing pictures of your clients? 


I don’t use editing on ANY of my pictures whatsoever, I strongly believe in being able to post the raw image of what you create that way there is no possible way you can have any repercussions or angry clients for being misleading with your business. Also I’m not very tec savvy, so I wouldn’t know how to use editing techniques on a picture.

Do you recommend any certain angles to take photos of your clients from?


I always take pictures of every client from different angles depending on the hair colour or haircut my clients have. That way I can find the best angle to complement their new hair.

Hair Styling GIF. No editing on photos.

Do you use any specific type of setting on your iPhone or camera to achieve such high-resolution pictures?


I just always have my camera setting on auto. It is important to make sure you focus on the subject before taking the picture.

Do you have any other tips for Instagram?

Try to do something creative that makes you stand out from the rest. It can be something as simple as your backdrop in your pictures or a simple quirky caption. What is the worst that could happen?

Thank you so much to Samantha Hilton for taking the time out for an interview!
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Samantha’s Instagram Here!

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