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How to Take Pictures of GLITTER and HIGHLIGHTS like Bec Koraglan

How to get that GLOW to shine through in your photos


Some may say (and we certainly agree) that one of the most satisfying things to look at is a gorgeous, glamorous glow from applying a highlighting makeup product to the face and eyes! One of the greatest challenges however, is capturing that healthy highlight on camera and in Instagram photos. In order to tackle this challenge we’ve teamed up with Makeup Artist Bec Koraglan to provide you with the ultimate guide of tips and tricks to take the perfectly ‘lit’ image for Instagram.


Beck is a qualified makeup artist from Granville NSW who specialises in bridal and special occasion makeup. With over 3 years experience, she loves creating all looks from a soft natural look to full glam, all with professional and high quality brands to ensure her clients have a flawless and long lasting application.

1. Natural Lighting

“My secret to taking good quality photos is that I like to take them in NATURAL LIGHTING as much as possible. When taking photos of my makeup or clients, I make sure I take a lot of them and also in different angles so I can have a good variety of photos to choose from when showcasing my work.”

2. Angles and Positioning

“To be honest I’m not a professional at all at taking photos. It took me awhile to take photos in good angles and I’m still learning. However, I always like my clients to TURN TO THE SIDE, as it makes their HIGHLIGHT POP in photos. Also, I get them to look outside the window or at a certain object instead of directly looking into the camera as I find it BRINGS OUT the eye makeup a lot.”

3. Camera and Tools

 “I recommend using a DSLR or any digital camera thats good quality. I use a Sony A5000. For lighting, as I mentioned before, natural lighting is best. When a room is dark and with yellow lighting, I find it really affects the quality of my photos. If thats the case I like to use a RING LIGHT.” I do not really use any specific settings on my camera, it’s usually just in auto but also set in portrait mode. I take all my photos with a FLASH. My camera also has a built in skin perfector, which is set on the lowest level.


4. Apps and Filters

“I just like to use the actual Instagram edit and filters. My favourite filter is LARK, as it BRIGHTENS up the skintone in my pictures!”

5. Other Tips and Tricks

“When I’m posting a photo that I like, but has a lot of things in the background, I don’t crop it as I find it affects the quality of my photos. Instead, I just upload the photo on Instagram but then zoom in, that way it gets rid of the messy background.”


✖BRONZY GLAM✖ Dolled up the amazing @gracearnold_ for a photoshoot yesterday while in Sydney for the wbff show 💕 love this look!

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Thank you so much to Bec Koraglan for taking the time out for an interview!
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