Top 9 Best Makeup Artists in Sydney rounded up for Makeup Wearers!
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Top 9 Best Makeup Artists in Sydney rounded up for Makeup Wearers!

If you’re currently in the process of planning a wedding, you’ll probably have figured out that finding the best bridal makeup artist is hard, I mean, very very hard.

I mean how do you find someone who can choose the right makeup colours? Someone who understands your skin tone and matches your to correct tones?

Well, worry no more. In no particular order, we now present to you our best picks of makeup artists that have been tested and trusted by real fans, brutal critics, and ghost researchers. They have been found to possess the knowledge and skills.

#1 Mellonie Francis

This artist is known especially for her skills with the ‘No Makeup Look’ – a very hard fit to achieve. Mellonie has not only studied makeup but has helped so many to tell their stories over the years. She seamlessly aligns your originality with the selected style and ascribe your undertones and bold tones accordingly.

Mellonie can be contacted directly here.

#2 Nicola Johnson

Nicola Johnson comes with so much experience. Loved and praised by fans for her expertise with the feminine look. She enjoys a lot of organic and real reviews by real fans. 

Nicola Johnson can be found here

#3 Eva Akis

Eva Akis is an award winning hair and makeup artist in Sydney. She has over 10years of experience and she is loved by fans. She does not only make her clients look beautiful but have a good relationship with her clients. She offers both mobile services studio and gives complimentary touch up kits for brides. You will be lucky to have Eva touch you.

Eva Akis can be reached directly here.

#4 The Bridal MakeUp Co

The Bridal Makeup Co are a close team of bridal makeup artist specialised in makeup and hair styling. They come highly praised.

#5 Melissa Sassine

Melissa Sassine is an expert makeup artist that specialises on weddings and related occasions. With many success stories to her experience, she gives the best to clients.

#6 Gemma Nichols

Gemma Nichols has made her name in the field of makeup. She turns ugly to beauty and beauty to glamorous. She helps you bring to reality your dreams of beauty and stamp your name on the lips of many.

#7 Sonna Allen & Team

Sonnia Allen & Team have been in the makeup business for years now. They come highly praised and rated. They have been the saviour of many brides who are faced with that awkward and last minute disappointment. They make your beauty dream come true.

#8 Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie is a professional makeup artist. Her works precedes her reputation. Whether you are looking for that glam or bold look, Sarah can make all that come true. If you are looking for the no-makeup look, Sarah can make that come true.

#9 Liv Lundelius

Liv Lundelius is your makeup fantasy. She blows the limits away and sets you up onto a beauty cruise. Do you want to look like a demi-goddess or a big star artist or the Queen of Sheba? Liv Lundelius enjoys the play on colours and art. With so many marks to her name, she leaves her clients earning for more.


Most of the top best makeup artists are easily accessible at the FBB Platform. FBB is a platform created to help makeup wearers and those in need of hair stylists, find artists at an affordable rate. The rate for hiring these Artists would have been very high but for FBB collaboration which allows for a more affordable pricing and a regulation of fees.

Now you know who and where to get your top best makeup artists in Sydney.

Engage and be beautiful!!!

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