Restoring Confidence with Cosmetics.

Ladies, we can all agree that having gorgeous pearly whites can boost our self confidence. Not having the stress of picking a lip colour because it will “make my teeth look yellow” sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Teeth whitening is no new trend. For centuries we’ve been obsessed with achieving this flawless smile and we are certain you have heard of all the teeth whitening procedures and trends. But really, with all these different forms of teeth whitening, especially new ones popping up on our socials regularly, it can make us think WTF***? One procedure that really is taking over is LED Teeth Whitening but WTF*** exactly is LED teeth whitening?

We sat down with our talented cosmetic teeth whitening technician Jaycel Citroni to discuss all things teeth whitening, including her popular LED teeth whitening procedure and opinion on popular teeth whitening products and trends.

What is the very first step in the LED teeth whitening procedure?

I always ask my clients to brush their teeth and rinse before the appointment. I also tell them to drink coffee beforehand if they want because they’ll need to avoid drinking coffee for 24 hours after the treatment. My dental experience comes in handy as well as I am able to identify whether a client is physically well in terms of their gum health or if they have tooth decay in front of their teeth, which would not qualify them for the procedure.

What happens during the LED teeth whitening procedure? 

1) A consultation will take place to check if they have whitened their teeth before or bought take-home teeth whitening.

2) A shade comparison is conducted, which involves taking a shade of their teeth and showing them what they can expect after the treatment.

3) The client will be asked if they are breast feeding or using medication that prohibits them to be near LED lights.

4) The client will be given a bib and a pair of goggles to protect their eyes.

5) An activation foam is used on a brush to run it all over their teeth to dissolve any built-up and provide a clean and smooth foundation to work with.

6) After the solution is spat out, 6% hydrogen peroxide is applied on to the teeth and the lamp will be set for 30 minutes.

What equipment do you use for your LED teeth whitening procedure?

The LED lamp I use in my procedure is 10-14 times stronger that the little LED which you get with take-home teeth whitening kits. The results are a lot faster because what I do in an hour is equal to using take-home kits for 2 weeks. It’s far more efficient.

What is the difference with getting your teeth whitened by a dentist and getting it done by you?

What I can do in three treatments is equal to a dental full-strength treatment dentist do in one hour. The difference is that their strength cannot be done at home and it can be very painful, leaving you with sensitive teeth. Young patients won’t be able to go through the whole treatment and it actually ends up damaging their teeth a bit. Many dentists will turn away patients in the age bracket of the current market as they understand that a full-strength treatment is too strong and have repercussions. The 6% hydrogen peroxide I use in my treatments is much more compatible with the market so it’s safer for your teeth.

 How long does LED teeth whitening usually take?

It usually takes about 1 to 2 hours which involves two 30-minute treatments. The whole visit in total may take up to 2 hours which depends on the consultation and set up.

What is the cost of LED teeth whitening?

For 60 minutes, it is $199 and for 90 minutes it costs $249.

What sort of maintenance products do you recommend?

My maintenance system comes with teeth whitening pen which can be used after treatment to touch up. The sealant included in the system will seal off your results and take away any sensitivity. The last product is a daily product which is a foaming cleanser used at night time just to keep all the stains away. They are $40 each and you get one free product per treatment. If you have one treatment with me, I will give you the best product out of the three that is best suitable for you. If you do two treatments, you get two free products and if you do full three treatments, you get all 3 products for free!

What TIPS do you give your customers?

  • If you’re a bride, have your whitening done before your makeup trial because you’ll be able to use a wider range of lipstick shades.

  • If you also use turmeric for health reasons, you’re going to need teeth whitening a little more often because it stains. If you’re drinking red wine or acidic drinks like soft drinks, brush your teeth straight away before bed because it will affect your teeth overtime.

Talking about other Teeth Whitening products

Is Kylie Jenner responsible for the teeth whitening trend?

Yes, I’ve seen a lot of take-home kits which are great but you’ll have to buy quite a bit of product and dedicate a lot of time to get the results you want. Teeth whitening has become so essential for people are looking to get into professional markets. For example, look at a 21-year-old who is trying to make it big in a professional capacity. If they have a big bright smile, you’re more likely to be drawn towards them. It’s a subconscious thing but basically teeth whitening has become so essential to the way that people look, and there are studies to prove it. It’s become quite a natural thing to value white teeth in the modern society and you will notice the shade of a person’s teeth more than ever before.

It seems like charcoal teeth whitening in particular is becoming extremely popular. What is your opinion on that method?

Charcoal teeth whitening depends on the different brand. I will never promote brands that contain abrasive components in their charcoal teeth whitening products because of the demographics of the market, which is from 20 to 36 years of age. This means we have such young teeth and enamel so abrasive treatments will have repercussions when used religiously over time. It can be a great treatment for those who are conscious about the ingredients that are in their teeth whitening treatments but it won’t lift the shade past their natural colour. It will only work to maintain already whitened teeth temporarily.

Thank you so much Jaycel for taking the time to interview! Share, like and comment if you enjoyed this blog!

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